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With the perfect blend of energy and strategy, I'm on a mission to help as many women as possible to become wholesome, start living their life to its full potential, become financially independent and fully express themselves through their business! 

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I'm Sofia.

I'm Sofia Adamova.

Energetics coach, Business Mentor, Published Author, Podcaster and NLP certified Master Practitioner.

I help women discover their genius and what makes them unique to stand out and create offers only they can deliver. 

I am a published author and a podcast host, and I believe, that my background as an advisor on a board of angel investors, consulting hundreds of start-ups plus master's in marketing and a decade in sales, also, investing more than $50K in personal growth and the best mentors are the foundations of my success and I want to share it with YOU!

an Energetics Coach & a Business Mentor and I use holistic approach to catapult you to MEGA SUCCESS™ with my revolutionary programs and help you reveal a WEALTHY WOMAN you are.

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When we break down being a business owner- it is full of communication, making decisions and building connections with people. Every day. That is what makes up systems, marketing, sales, content, all of it. And the one thing that influences all of that- is ENERGY.

Your mind (brain) is literally influences by the energy surrounding you- and it affects not only its function but also how you perceive and filter information.

Energy can impact your confidence to smash that Discovery Call. The vibe someone gets when they say: “I don’t know, I just want to work with you!”- that is ENERGY.

Energy is the invisible force that fuels momentum and makes you feel like “Oh my gosh- I can do this!” And Energy is the One thing that will impact every single aspect of your business this year!

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Ready for energetic expansion in your business?

High quality, consistent content is the key to building an impactful brand.
Blogging is one of the most powerful tools for providing value to your audience beyond social media posts. I’m here to help you create dynamic, engaging content that will attract your ideal clients and build your community.
All of my writing includes SEO and industry research to ensure that we are optimizing your content to organically reach the right audience. 
I specialize in writing content about the travel, specialty coffee, and health & fitness industries. However, I write about a variety of topics so if you’re ready to take a little something off your plate and expand your reach, let’s chat!

ADD ONS: Blog Management

Investment: $350

3 hour Organize Intensive

Automation Set Up

Investment: $150

• 30 minute initial strategy call
• Foundational account optimization (profile, board and pin descriptions)
• Creating custom pins for your new content including pin design, writing SEO descriptions, pinning to relevant boards etc.
• Scheduling up to 400 pins a month via Tailwind
• Increasing your account outreach by participating in Tailwind Tribes and Group Boards
• Pinning your pins and other relevant content with a strategy
• Growing your following and engagement by researching, following and engaging with similar and influential pinners
***Must have or sign up for Tailwind account

Are you ready to be a magician of your life?!

“I knew I had a bigger purpose to help women step out of struggle and into financial independence and wealth because I saw the struggle first hand growing up and I knew there was a better way"

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"Working with Sofia has been an incredible experience. I started with absolute zero experience in business and no real audience. I grew my following to over 500 people in under 2 months and signed my first client within 3 weeks since working together! "

- Hannah

"Yes!! I celebrated my big win today!  Thanks to Sofia I had a massive win in my business! I signed 6 new high-ticket clients  to my program in the last 2 weeks.  Sofia gives tons of value in ZERO to FIVE Figures Accelerator Academy through live meetings and workbooks. Every time I get energized and she led me to the perfect direction."

- Ina

"Working with Sofia 1:1 set my business on fire! It was the best gift I have given myself! Her energy, support and expertise has been invaluable. Sofia helmed me to clarify my goals and my branding, provided me with step by step STRATEGY and help me build my social media presence. Highly recommend her as a business coach especially for emerging women entrepreneurs!"


"8 weeks ago I officially launched my 1:1 coaching!...Signed up 7 clients within 2 weeks of my launch with 450 followers and no paid ads.. I actually cannot believe how crazy this launch has been! Thank you, Sofia for all support and the magical energy work we did together! It certainly works!"

- Susan

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