The years were going by and my dreams were still far away- and secretly I hoped that things would just happen to me, and big fortune will just fall on my head! Till last year, then I found ourselves completely broke and having myself to ask for help to survive! That was a tipping point I suppose, suddenly I realise- there is no one apart from me- who can decide that it is time to change and take action. And I did. First, I set up a print on demand fashion brand- spent months on it, but no one bought a single t-shirt- that didn’t discourage me- Ok, what else can I do?

That was then I turned back to coaching again- and BAM- within short 10 weeks landed my first High ticket client! Things just took off very shortly after that, till I had to literally double my fees as the demand was so high!

When your heart is in the right place and you are doing things connected to your Higher self, you can create your purpose and start sharing your expertise almost immediately! People will feel your enthusiasm and excitement and will be drawn to your magnetic energy! I know we all have in us! I know we are all capable of empowering others and sharing our experience and that there are people out there who desperately need to hear that from someone who has been there before!

We all have talents and once you decide that you had enough and take full responsibility for your happiness and success and take a small, inspired action- the whole Universe will conspire to help you on your epic journey!

Don’t wait till tomorrow, so something today, commit and take a small step! Yes, you will feel uncomfortable at times, and scared and even embarrassed for being judged and criticised and nor being good enough! So what? Just think about what is on the other side of the fence? Practice makes better! Your Big Why is way much more powerful than those fears! Stretch yourself till the point you start enjoying it! Embrace the new You! Inspire others! Share your Energy! Be the light, the guide, the leader! And people will follow. 

There was a time, not that long ago, when I felt very lost and not moving forward. It lasted for almost 7 years. I kept reading self-growth books and stuck to my daily routine, but inside I felt somewhat empty and purposeless. You see, I was very successful in my twenties- have a range of a high-profile jobs and careers, even running my own publishing company for a while! But it didn’t feel as my achievement as It was brought to me on the silver plate-well, that’s what I thought to myself.

Of course, I did deserve it and worked my socks off, but I didn’t Choose those careers- someone believed in me and presented the opportunities.

As long as I remember myself, I always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur- only to try starting business and they would all fail, I would lose my enthusiasm very quickly- and move on to the next challenge. I still thought of myself as being ambitious and destined for grand future.