Instagram didn’t exist then (Yes, can you imagine!), so did Zoom or Facebook lives, etc. It was a very different world. I gave up and became a stockbroker, putting my dreams away till some better times.

I never stopped being interested in self- growth and spirituality and continued my quest of finding purpose in other ways. I became a publisher in a well-known company and later sat on a board of angel investors, consulting hundreds of start-ups and making decisions which ones to invest into. (This is where my Big Picture comes from!).

Years passed, deep in my heart I knew something was missing. Then Covid happened and everything stopped. And my life turned upside down. I had to take responsibility in my own hands.

In July 2020 I had a spiritual awakening, when I knew exactly who I was, one thing led to another, and I came out of my spiritual closet and started speaking publicly of being One with the Universe, non-existing separation between all of us and being the Creators of our own reality.

I knew exactly what my mission was- to help women express themselves through business, reach their full potential, 10 x their income and impact by working less, and tuning into the next version of themselves, infusing their Business with their Energy.

My genius lies in blending the two- seeing the Big Picture and using the most powerful currency on this planet- our Energy.

Earlier this year I had another episode of experiencing Oneness with the Universe and having an unshakable absolute pure knowledge that we can shape our Reality no matter what the circumstances are.

And first of all, let me say how honoured I am that you’re here.

I want to share my story with you so that you can see how easy it is to ignore your true purpose… because girl, I did it really well.

It all started when I was a child and my mum was reading Bhagavad- Gita and Blavatskaya for breakfast. I grew up devouring hundreds of books on spirituality and with a deep knowing that my life had a grand meaning which would impact thousands of people.

I arrived in London at the age of 20 and dived into learning all about coaching. I walked over hot coals with Tony Robins and got Master NLP Practitioner and Erickson Hypnosis Certified Consultant by the age of 23. I was so eager to make an impact, that I wrote and published “The Treasure Within Us” couple of years later and was ready to conquer the world.. only to realise that I would have to go on stage and speak in front of hundreds of people to do that.. I even enrolled myself on a very expensive public speaking course hoping that the big investment will make me “feel the fear and do it anyway”. I was wrong.



I took a big leap and invested tens of thousands of pounds in the best mentors and teachers to fast track my success. I truly believe as a mentor myself, in constantly learning and improving.

My coaching career exploded in a matter of weeks- signing high ticket clients and starting group coaching almost immediately after. Seeing the transformation in my clients’ life and business is what makes me jump out of by bed every morning. And I am so grateful for being able to live my true mission and have a massive impact while enjoying an abundant purposeful life and experiencing true freedom, and that is priceless.

When your heart is in the right place and you are doing things connected to your Higher self, you can create your purpose and start sharing your expertise almost immediately! People will feel your enthusiasm and excitement and will be drawn to your magnetic energy! I know we all have in us! I know we are all capable of empowering others and sharing our experience and that there are people out there who desperately need to hear that from someone who has been there before!

We all have talents and once you decide that you had enough and take full responsibility for your happiness and success and take a small, inspired action- the whole Universe will conspire to help you on your epic journey!

Don’t wait till tomorrow, do something today, commit and take a small step! Yes, you will feel uncomfortable at times, and scared and even embarrassed for being judged and criticised and not being good enough! So what? Just think about what is on the other side of the fence. Practice makes better! Your Big Why is way much more powerful than those fears! Stretch yourself till the point you start enjoying it! Embrace the new You! Inspire others! Share your Energy! Be the light, the guide, the leader! And people will follow.